Trust, a Game of Greed.

I wouldn’t normally write about something as stupid as a television show. I’m sympathetic to Elaine in Seinfeld who told Russell (the president of NBC) that he was “part of the problem.” But this show is so incredibly stupid and there’s something that sets it apart from something like Survivor or even Big Brother, which is that it is comprised mostly of millenials, or Gen Y. There are a few from other generations, but I think mostly these are people who are not much older than 40 — most in their late 20s and 30s — and they are… to be blunt… idiots.

How can they not see that 3 of the women have formed an alliance and decided, the first episode, to vote out one of the guys they didn’t like? They are so naive they still think, even after a second person was voted out, that they are one happy family. They talk about how some “deserve” to be there more than others, because they’ve had to suffer a lot more and work much harder to get where they are. They almost all of them think that they are successful people in the world. The woman from Nigeria who came onto the show talking about how she was all about Africa and being from Nigeria and that was her entire identity (and she was wearing the jewelry and clothing to prove the point) got upset when a white guy referred to her as an African queen. Instead of pointing out that that is her identity and that she pushes it on people and rarely stops talking about it (except when she is plotting with the other women of who to vote off), he apologized, assuming that to refer to her identity as an African person is akin to using the N word in the way Bill Mahr did. What’s even worse, she was charmed by his apology.

It’s a show I’ll probably watch with reluctance, and with the hope that the old woman gets kicked off as soon as possible.

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