It’s been so long since I had to write out my writing résumé, I don’t even think I can find it anymore. Nevertheless I will try. I used to group everything by type of work (short story, play, screenplay, novel), but I will work backwards and do it in reverse chronology.

Currently working on The Cigar Tree, a novel. (See screenplay below.)

Participant at Bread Loaf Writers Conference, 2017.

If You See Kay, a short story, honorable mention in New Millenium Writings, 2016?

Miss Over, a novel, published 2014 by Diamond C Press.

Illyria, a novel, published 2009 by Diamond C Press.

Blooming, a short story, published by First Class Press about 2008.

The Names Have Been Changed (To Protect The Insane), a play in two acts. 2008 or so.

A Tendency To Say Ummm, a play in two acts. 2006 or so.

Side Effects, a play in two acts. Staged reading. 2004.

Tippy McKenzie, a screenplay. 1999.

The gAy-List, a screenplay. 1998.

Lost Dogs, a screenplay. Date is rather unclear right now.

Victoria’s Children, a play in two acts.

The Chicken Screamer, a play in two acts.

I’ll have to continue this later.